Microsoft Business Intelligence Training In Chennai

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About Microsoft Business Intelligence

  • MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. This powerful suite is composed of tools which helps in providing best solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries.
  • This tool uses Visual studio along with SQL server. It empower users to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making in an organization.
  • It offers different tools for different processes which are required in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Course Contents - Microsoft Business Intelligence


  • Introduction to BI
  • Introduction to data warehouse and data mart
  • Why MSBI?
  • Working with BIDS- Business Intelligence development studio

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Objectives:

  • Developing Analysis Services Solutions
  • Create cube
  • Schema- Star and Snow flacks
  • Create fact table
  • Create Dimension Table
  • Configuring Dimensions
  • Defining Hierarchies

Measures and Measure Groups

  • Working with Measures
  • Working with Measure Groups
  • Implement dimensions in an Analysis Services solution
  • Implement measures and measure groups in an Analysis
  • Services solution
  • Customize an Analysis Services cube
  • Deploy and secure an Analysis Services database

Cube Deployment, Browsing cube

  • Multiple Fact Table

Enhance Cube Functionality

  • KPI
  • Actions
  • Perspectives
  • Translations

SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) Objectives:

  • Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Reporting Services Tools and Architecture-
  • Configure reporting service- IIS
  • Creating reports- using cube, data source,
  • Matrix report, Chart
  • Drill down , drill –through reports
  • Creating report parameters, dropdown parameters
  • Creating expression
  • Creating groups
  • Deploying reports and data source
  • Report Snap shots and subscription-
  • standard and data driven subscription
  • Managing subscription
  • Report using Microsoft Excel-

SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) Objectives:

  • Introduction to SQL server integration service

Working with SSIS packages

  • The import and export wizard for DBA’s using SQL server Management studio
  • SSIS Package designer
  • Control flow
  • Data flow-
  • Understanding Data Flow
  • Designing Data Flow Operations
  • Handling Data Changes

Error handling

  • Logging, Error Handling and Reliability
  • Logging ETL Operations
  • Handling Errors in SSIS
  • Implementing Reliable ETL Processes with SSIS

Contents: Planning for ETL

  • Identifying Data Sources and Destinations
  • Evaluating Source Data
  • Identifying Staging Requirements
  • Planning Packages
  • Planning Package Development
  • Designing Package Control Flow

Deploying and Operating an SSIS Solution

  • Deploying SSIS Packages
  • Operating an SSIS Solution

Multidimensional Expressions (MDX)

  • Basic MDX,
  • MDX Function

Introduction to SQL Server 2008

  • Overview and Introducing SQL Server
  • Installation Microsoft SQL server 2005 including SSAS, SSIS, SSRS
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Building a Database
  • Create and alter tables
  • Create and alter tables
  • Create and alter indexes
  • Relations

T-SQL Basics

  • SELECT clause
  • FROM clause
  • WHERE clause
  • Using Joins- Different types of joins
  • TOP N and TOP N%
  • OVER
  • Full-text search

Views, Stored Procedures, and Functions

  • Partitioning and Joining Tables with Views
  • Updateable views
  • Indexed Views
  • Information Schema Views
  • Catalog Views
  • Create and alter stored procedures
  • Functions


  • INSERT triggers
  • DELETE triggers
  • UPDATE triggers

Security and SQL Server

  • Security modes and authentication
  • Database user accounts
  • Permissions
  • Database roles