Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence Training In Chennai

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About Microsoft Business Intelligence

MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence.

MSBI deals with transforming organizational data into insights that result in decision making based on facts.

This process includes Maintain data accuracy and security, discovers insights quickly, bring information from data.

We provide the best Microsoft Business Intelligence Training In Chennai, in which one can learn SSAS, Cube Deployment, SSRS, SSIS, MDX, T-SQL Basics, Triggers, Security and SQL Server.

Course Contents - Microsoft Business Intelligence

  • Introduction to BI
  • Introduction to data warehouse and data mart
  • Why MSBI?
  • Working with BIDS- Business Intelligence development studio

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Objectives:
  • Developing Analysis Services Solutions
  • Create cube
  • Schema- Star and Snow flacks
  • Create fact table
  • Create Dimension Table
  • Configuring Dimensions
  • Defining Hierarchies

Measures And Measure Groups
  • Working with Measures
  • Working with Measure Groups
  • Implement dimensions in an Analysis Services solution
  • Implement measures and measure groups in an Analysis
  • Services solution
  • Customize an Analysis Services cube
  • Deploy and secure an Analysis Services database

Cube Deployment, Browsing Cube
  • Multiple Fact Table

Enhance Cube Functionality
  • KPI
  • Actions
  • Perspectives
  • Translations

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Objectives:
  • Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Reporting Services Tools and Architecture-
  • Configure reporting service- IIS
  • Creating reports- using cube, data source,
  • Matrix report, Chart
  • Drill down , drill –through reports
  • Creating report parameters, dropdown parameters
  • Creating expression
  • Creating groups
  • Deploying reports and data source
  • Report Snap shots and subscription-
  • standard and data driven subscription
  • Managing subscription
  • Report using Microsoft Excel-

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Objectives:
  • Introduction to SQL server integration service

Working With SSIS Packages
  • The import and export wizard for DBA’s using SQL server Management studio
  • SSIS Package designer
  • Control flow
  • Data flow-
  • Understanding Data Flow
  • Designing Data Flow Operations
  • Handling Data Changes

Error Handling
  • Logging, Error Handling and Reliability
  • Logging ETL Operations
  • Handling Errors in SSIS
  • Implementing Reliable ETL Processes with SSIS

Contents: Planning For ETL
  • Identifying Data Sources and Destinations
  • Evaluating Source Data
  • Identifying Staging Requirements
  • Planning Packages
  • Planning Package Development
  • Designing Package Control Flow

Deploying And Operating An SSIS Solution
  • Deploying SSIS Packages
  • Operating an SSIS Solution

Multidimensional Expressions (MDX)
  • Basic MDX, er
  • MDX Function

Introduction To SQL Server 2008
  • Overview and Introducing SQL Server
  • Installation Microsoft SQL server 2005 including SSAS, SSIS, SSRS
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Building a Database
  • Create and alter tables
  • Create and alter tables
  • Create and alter indexes
  • Relations

T-SQL Basics
  • SELECT clause
  • FROM clause
  • WHERE clause
  • Using Joins- Different types of joins
  • TOP N and TOP N%
  • OVER
  • Full-text search

Views, Stored Procedures, And Functions
  • Partitioning and Joining Tables with Views
  • Updateable views
  • Indexed Views
  • Information Schema Views
  • Catalog Views
  • Create and alter stored procedures
  • Functions

  • INSERT triggers
  • DELETE triggers
  • UPDATE triggers

Security And SQL Server
  • Security modes and authentication
  • Database user accounts
  • Permissions
  • Database roles