PeopleSoft HRMS Training In Chennai

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About PeopleSoft HRMS

PeopleSoft Human Resources (HRMS) is a table-based system. It deals with the management's operation and function of an organization.

This course helps to learn the core HR process, which includes management of position, administering workforce, e- performance, the process flow of payroll, employee and manager self-service.

We provide the best PeopleSoft HRMS Training in Chennai, in which you get in-depth knowledge in this module with one-on-one training sessions by Experts.

Course Contents - HRMS

PeopleSoft HRMS Technical
People Soft Architecture
  • Internet Architecture (PIA)
  • Database Architecture
  • Portal Architecture
Application Designer
  • Application Designer Structure
  • Creating Field Definitions
  • Creating Record Definitions
  • Creating Page Definitions
  • Creating Component Definitions
  • Registering a component or iScript
Application Engine
  • Application Engine Overview
  • AE Program Element
  • Understanding State Records
  • Understanding Temporary Table
  • Understanding Restart Concept
  • Understanding Set Processing
  • Debugging AE Program
  • Running of A. E (Different Ways)
File Layout & CI
  • Understanding file layout
  • Component interface attributes
  • Testing Component interface
  • Exercise on file layout & CI
Contents for People Code
  • Recurrence Definitions
  • People Code Overview
  • Component Processor Flow
  • Datatyoes, Comments and variables
  • Understanding objects and classes in People Code
  • Debugging
  • File Attachments
  • Methods and built-in Functions
  • Accessing the Data buffer
  • Referencing Data in the Component Buffer
Process Scheduler
  • Run Control ID
  • Creating Run Control Page
  • SQR Introduction
  • Building your first SQR program
  • SQR Columns, Variables and literals
  • Predefined SQR variables
  • List Variables
  • Arithmetic commands
  • The move command
  • String manipulation
  • The Let Command
  • Built-in functions
  • File – related functions
  • Date functions
  • String functions
  • SQR page
  • How SQR processes the source program
  • Five sections of an SQR program
  • Program Section
  • Setup Section
  • Explicit and Implicit Prionting
  • Heading Section and Footing Section
  • Procedure Section
  • Loops and decision logic
  • Print Command
  • Formatting the output
  • Break logic
  • Run-time and Compile-time
  • Variables
  • Working with arrays
  • Multiple Reports
  • Generate Letters
  • Flat Files & Examples
  • Debuggine Techniques
  • How to run and SQU program in different ways with suitable SQR Architecture
  • Database support a structured query language
PSQUERY Crystal Reports