PHP And MySql With Database Training In Chennai

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About PHP And MySql

PHP is a free and open-source web development scripting language. MYSQL is the most popular Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses SQL.

PHP And MySql Programming With Database module contain Core PHP &MYSQL, SuperGlobals, String Manipulations, Array and Forms, MYSQL Database with Advanced PHP Programming.

We provide the best PHP And MySql Programming With Database Training In Chennai, in which you get knowledge from basics to advanced level with one-on-one training sessions by Experts. Complete the course and Get Certified in 45 days.

Course Contents - PHP And MySql

Core PHP+MYSQL(Level -1)
  • What is PHP
  • PHP is better than its alternatives
  • Hardware and Software requirements
  • What a PHP Script Looks Like
  • Advantages of PHP

Getting Started With PHP:
  • How PHP scripts work
  • Basic PHP syntax
  • PHP data types
  • PHP Variables
  • Operators in PHP
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops (If, If else and Switch)

  • $_GET
  • $_POST
  • $_FILES
  • $_SERVER
  • $_ENV

String Manipulation:
  • String Variables in PHP
  • The Concatenation Operator
  • The strlen() function
  • The strpos() function
  • Joining and Splitting String
  • Comparing String

Working With Array:
  • Types of Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Accessing Arrays
  • Single-Dimensional Arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays

PHP Function:
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Inbuilt functions

Working With Forms
  • Designing a Form
  • $_GET and $_POST
  • HTML and PHP code
  • User Input
  • Form Validation

MYSQL Database (Level -1):
MYSQL Database Working With PHPMyAdmin Working With PHPMyAdmin
  • What is Database Working with PHPMyAdmin Delete Record
  • Database Models Creating Databases Update Record
  • Tables, Records, and Fields Database Engines View Record
  • SQL Language Datatypes in MySQL Drop Database/Tables
  • MySQL Command-Line Creating Fields Primary / Foreign Keys
  • Unique Key Insert Record

Advanced PHP Programming (Level -2)
  • What is a Cookie
  • Cookie Syntax
  • How to Create a Cookie
  • Storing data in Cookies
  • How to Retrieve a Cookie Value
  • How to Delete a Cookie

PHP File Upload
  • Create an Upload-File Form
  • Create the Upload Script
  • Restrictions on Upload
  • Saving the Uploaded File

PHP File Handling:
  • Opening a File
  • Closing a File
  • Check End-of-file
  • Reading a File Line by Line
  • Reading a File Character by Character

  • What is Session
  • Creating Sessions
  • Storing a Session Variable
  • Destroying a Session

Classes & Object
  • Object oriented concepts
  • Define a class
  • Class attributes
  • An object
  • Creating an Object
  • Object properties
  • Object Methods
  • Object constructors and destructors
  • Static Method
  • Class Inheritance
  • Abstract Class
  • Implement Inheritance

Intergration To SQL With PHP Application (Level-2)
SQL PHP MysQL Integration With SQL
  • Basics of SQL How to PHP MySQL Integration Works?
  • SQL Syntax Creating a database connection
  • CRUD Operations Selecting the DB
  • Insert Command Inserting data in database
  • Retrieving data from Database Inserting data with a File
  • Retrieving data with specific criteria retrieving all records
  • Updating records retrieving specific record
  • Alter table structure searching the records
  • Deleting the records updating records
  • Dropping tables eleting the records