SAP Quality Management Training In Chennai

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About SAP Quality Management (SAP QM)

SAP QM (Quality Management) deals with Quality Functions, and it is an integral part of Logistic Management. The functions of Quality includes quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and various other activities.

SAP QM integrates with other SAP modules such as MM(Material Management), SD (Sales and Distribution), and PP(Production Planning)

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Course Contents - SAP QM

  • Overview of Quality Managemen
  • Features and Benefits of SAP QM
  • Main Functions of QM Functional Consultant
  • What Are The Quality Management Process
  • Integration Point of SD QM
  • Process Flow Of LIMS Integration With SAP
  • Integration Of QM With PP-PI and Others
  • Check List For Simple SAP QM Configuration
  • QM In Logistics

Quality Management Tables/Tcode
  • Important QM Tables
  • List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 1
  • List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 2
  • QM Stepwise Transaction For In-Process
  • Material Specification QS61

  • List of All The Standard QM Reports
  • Quality Inspection Report List
  • Questions
  • Organization and Master Data
  • Procurement and Purchasing QM Questionnaire
  • Quality Inspection in MM - QM Questionnaire

QM In Logistics
  • Introducing QM in Procurement
  • Control Key for Quality Management in Procurement
  • Define Keys for Certificate Processing
  • Define Delivery Block
  • Block Part In QM Batch Management
  • Define Document Types
  • Define QM Systems
  • Define Status of Supply Relationships
  • Solution for wrong confirmation and wrong usage decision(UD)
  • Calibration of test equipment
  • Vendor Blocked for Quality Reasons
  • Batch Management - Batch Classfication Configuration
  • QM Workflow For Material Setup
  • How To Use The QM Formula Functionality
  • SAP QM Linked With PM
  • Prompting For QM Procurement Key
  • Plant Dependent QM Settings

  • Sampling Scheme and Sampling Procedure
  • How Sample Size is Calculated Based on Sampling Scheme
  • Sampling Procedure & Sample Drawing Procedure
  • Understanding Sample Drawing Procedure
  • Task List Sampling Procedure Drop Down List

QM In Production
  • Introducing QM in Production
  • Maintaining the Material Master Data
  • QM view in material master

QM ABAP Reports
  • Upload Code Groups Using QS41
  • Creating Inspection Point BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS