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Our consultants assist clients with a variety of eBusiness problems by combining a solid technical understanding of internet technologies with an appreciation of business drivers.

Business Consulting

We help our clients to improve their performance through the analysis of existing problems and plans for the development of the business. We even discover the atomic problems and can give best solution for the same.

IT Solutions

We aim to provide best Solution for your every requirement to run your business efficiently. No matter, how complex and sophisticated requirements you have, we have solutions for it and strive for your requirements and give it as user friendly.


We offer back and front office services, which are integrated to provide end-to-end services involving the management of entire business processes for our clients. We give custom tailored services to all our clients as per their business need.

Document Conversion

In VikapriTraining we give comprehensive document conversion services in which you can convert your data from one form to another and can migrate your data from one software to another.

Mobile Applicatation

VikapriTraining is an emerging, fast growing mobile application development companies.

We have our set up with a dedicated technology developers with tons of mobile apps experience who can ensure you to maximize your sale and revenue.

We don’t just provide service to work with you, but we are passionate about it.

Our company has developed several apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia platforms.

Cloud Computing / Cloud Services
  • Comprehensive, Unified, Open, and Economical
  • Application development and deployment
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Cloud computing as a service for IT
  • Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas)
  • Architecture for private and hybrid cloud
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud management
  • Platform as a Service(PaaS)
  • Cloud backup Service
ERP Solutions

The recent generation enterprise are to power up digital technology to innovate and reinvent their business operations for better and increased productivity and growth. Only a next generation ERP solution that is having extensive coverage and built on a future based technology architecture can give you a full fledged-proof of an enterprise solution to deliver results in this uncertain, complex and volatile environment. to