Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Learn a full-stack digital marketing course including data analytics, marketing automation, advanced SEO techniques, advanced social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, PPC advertising and email marketing.

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Advanced Digital Marketing Course Overview

  1. Digital Marketing is the process of Promoting and Advertising through digital mediums such as Websites, Social Media, Email, Search Engines, Mobile Apps and so on.
  2. For aspirants of Digital Marketers or Career-focused Students, the required knowledge is Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, On-page & Off-page Optimization, SEO, SMO etc.,
  3. Digital Marketing helps to become a Good Entrepreneur and increase Sales and Returns, followed by tracking your campaigns. The best tool to track and monitor your business Campaign is Google Analytics.
  4. Google Analytics tool helps you study your Visitor’s behaviour, improves your Website Performance, Creates Custom Reports, Integrates with Google AdWords, Gets Target Audience and gives Information on needed Improvements in business to achieve goals.
  5. In today’s Era, Digital Marketing is one of the streaming professionals where you need to get practice and training results in elaborate business.
  6. We provide the best Digital Marketing Training in Chennai, where you can get in-depth knowledge of Marketing Strategy and tactics in all aspects of the digital medium.
  7. After Completing training successfully, you will be familiar with the effective utilisation of Social Media platforms for Marketing Products and track the Strategics, Campaigns, and Metrics of your Business with Google Analytics.
  8. As Digital Marketing becomes inevitable in every business and organisation, it is significant to know all Marketing Strategies for both an Entrepreneur and a career-focused Student.

Advantages of Advanced digital marketing Course

  1. Advanced digital marketing skills enable you to develop effective strategies, create engaging content, and optimise campaigns for maximum brand visibility.
  2. Advanced techniques help analyse consumer behaviour, optimise content, and build strong relationships, driving conversions and customer loyalty.
  3. Expertise in advanced digital marketing platforms allows targeted campaigns, opening doors to roles in managing and optimising digital ads.
  4. Advanced digital marketing training leads to diverse roles like Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, PPC Analyst and Email Marketing Specialist, offering opportunities for campaign management, content optimization and data-driven decision-making.


Fundamentals Of Advance Digital Marketing

Keyword Research

Website Planning And Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Onpage Optimization

Off Page Optimization

SEO Updates And Analysis

Local Business And Listing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Web Analytics

Content Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Video Marketing

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