Top 5 Programming Languages in 2022
Top 5 Programming Languages in 2022

Are you in search of an in-demand programming language in 2022 to learn before starting your career or stay up-to-date with technology trends? Here are some statistics that help you get knowledge, which alleviates your hassles on your learning process. We categorized most in-demand top 5 programming languages in 2022 based on analyzing market data & surveys and more used or common languages at work.

As everything gets updated timely in dynamic IT firms, Professionals are struggling to stick with updates on technology for their career growth. Developers use a variety of languages on their applications to look creative. Hence the newest one gets the attention of many and becomes a demanded language. Even experienced developers keep on learning new programming languages to upgrade themselves in the competitive field of a technology firm. Whether you are a beginner or want to enhance your coding knowledge, it is necessary to know the priorities of the programming language. The upcoming and future programming languages are reluctantly listed below based on ongoing technology needs and trends.

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Python is used for backend development, application development and data science. It is one of the most popular and continues to be popular in 2022. It is practiced highly in simple to advanced levels of scripting. Developers loved to learn and practice python because of its readability support with frameworks and libraries. Aspirants getting Professional Python Training rose during the second half of 2021. Hence, it will be one of the most demanded languages in 2022.

The average salary of Python developers in India is Rs.4.30L p.a (entry-level)


Javascript is used for building interactive websites, server-side website deployment and web & mobile applications. It is one of the most commonly used languages worldwide, next to HTML & CSS. It helps developers to create a user-friendly website with creative designs and graphics. It is familiar with controlling all the actions of the website. It is the most common coding language worldwide as it is easier to learn.

The average salary of Python developers in India is Rs.3.6L p.a


Java is used for app development, e-commerce and finance. It helps developers create an object-oriented programming language. Java manages massive data as well as is easy to learn. It also boosts security which is why it is used in the finance sectors like banking, stock market and billing. It stands unique from others because of its versatility. Developers find it easy to run on any operating system, with credits “write-once, run-anywhere.”

The average salary of Java developers in India is Rs.4.7L p.a (Glassdoor)


Go is used in Big data, systems & network programming and audio/video editing. It is a top-tier programming language and can exhibit multiple information among other languages. Go has advanced in-built, which make it dynamic and super functional. It is one of the most trending languages as it delivers concurrent functions at once. Golang is the youngest language and one of the highest paying languages in India.

The average salary of Golang developers in India is Rs.9.8L p.a (Ambitionbox)


Kotlin is used for Fullstack Web Development, Data Science and Android development. It is a cross programming language. 60% of Android developers use Kotlin because it is safe and boosts productivity. It is fast and easy for developers to find solutions.

Programmers choose Kotlin to write shortcode, and it runs in any Operating system. Complete any work with less time and Interoperability is a plus of Kotlin. As many sources say, Kotlin emerged as an inevitable programming language.

The average salary of Kotil developers in India is 9L p.a

Final Thought

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" -Benjamin Franklin

If you want to advance your programming knowledge, start learning new languages. Procrastinating anything will lead to failure. First, choose your interested language and collect resources. Have trouble with finding study material? We offer comprehensive training for various courses with free study material. Join us to enhance your career forward.

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