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Informatica is a data integration software based on ELT. It deals with cloud data management, Data Integration, Data Quality and Master Data Management.

Informatic training covers the concepts of Data warehousing & ELT tools, Informatica Architecture, Data Transformation, Designer, Integration, Source Analyzer, Workflow, Data visualization and so on.

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Lessons 1: Introduction to Data warehousing

  • Overview of a OLTP/Transactional system
  • Forms of Normalization
  • Pros/Cons of having an OLTP system in real time reporting.
  • Need of a data warehouse.
  • Data warehouse layer architecture.
  • Designing a warehouse using Star/Snowflake schemas.
  • Logical/Physical Models in Erwin
  • The role of ETL tools in data warehousing.
  • An introduction to Informatica
  • Informatica Architecture
  • Components/Process flow
  • Basic Concepts
  • Using the designer.
  • Working with the Sources-Source Analyzer
  • Working with Relational/Flat file targets- Warehouse Designer.
  • Defining Keys in Informatica.
  • Working with Transformations –Transformation Developer
  • Creating mappings –Mapping Designer.
  • Creating mappings –Mapping Designer.
  • Understanding Pipelines in mappings.
  • Setting Target Load order.
  • Configuring Constraint Based loading.
  • Introduction to Mapping Parameters/Variables.
  • Implementing Type1, Type2, and Type3 Mappings.
  • Loading Fact tables.
  • Working with relational Sources
  • Working with Flat Files
  • Working with Relational Targets
  • Working with Flat file Targets
  • Active/Passive Transformations
  • Caching concepts in Informatica
  • Connected/Unconnected Transformation
  • Importance of Source Qualifier.
  • Filter, Router
  • Expression
  • Sorter, Aggregator
  • Rank
  • Joiner
  • Lookup
  • Stored ProcedureSequence generator
  • Union
  • Transaction Control
  • Update Strategy
  • Xml transformation
  • Normalizer
  • Working with Workflows
  • Working with Tasks Assignment, Command, Decision, Control, Event raise
  • Event Wait, Timer, Email, Session Task
  • Working with Understanding the server Architecture
  • Work lets
  • Working with Sessions
  • Understanding Commit Points
  • Recovering Data
  • Monitoring Work flows
  • Using Multiple Servers
  • Log files
  • Row Error Logging
  • Session parameters
  • Parameter files
  • Using Incremental Aggregation
  • Performance Tuning(With Real time Examples).
  • Using Incremental Aggregation
  • Extraction modes(Pull, Push).
  • Change Data capture concepts
  • Incremental Extraction using control tables..
  • Session parameters and variables.
  • Session and Workflow properties Reference.
  • Pipeline partitioning.
  • Pipeline partitioning.
  • Using Multiple Servers, Log files, Error, Row logging
  • Session Recovery
  • Configuring Session caches lookup, Aggregate, Sort, Joiner caches.
  • Restart able Tables.
  • Reject Capture and Reprocessing.
  • Handling Soft\Hard Rejects.



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