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Hadoop is a data platform that simplifies the big data distributing process. It deals with structured and unstructured data, which is why many organizations adopt Hadoop.

As there is a lot of demand for Data Analysts in the market, getting training and certification in Hadoop may help their career development.

We provide the best Hadoop Admin Training in Chennai where one can get in-depth knowledge on Big Data, Understanding of Hadoop, Hadoop Distributed File system (HDFS) & its concepts, MapReduce Framework, Cluster and its maintenance, Installing and Managing Hadoop Ecosystem Projects, Managing and Scheduling Jobs, Cluster Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Optimizing, and Populating HDFS from External Sources.

Lessons 1: Introduction to Big Data

  • What is Big Data ?
  • Big Data Facts
  • The Three V’s of Big Data
  • What is Hadoop ?
  • Relational Databases Vs. Hadoop
  • Motivation for Hadoop
  • 6 Key Hadoop Data Types
  • What is HDFS ?
  • HDFS components
  • Understanding Block storage
  • The Name Node
  • The Data Nodes
  • Data Node Failures
  • JobTracker
  • TaskTracker
  • HDFS Commands
  • HDFS File Permissions
  • Typical Workflow
  • Data Replication
  • Replica Placement
  • Replication Policy
  • Hadoop Rack Awareness
  • Anatomy of a File Read
  • Anatomy of a File Write
  • Overview of MapReduce
  • Understanding MapReduce
  • The Map Phase
  • The Reduce Phase
  • WordCount in MapReduce
  • Running MapReduce Job
  • Single Node Cluster Configuration
  • Multi-Node Cluster Configuration
  • Checking HDFS Status
  • Breaking the cluster
  • Copying Data Between Clusters
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Rebalancing the cluster
  • Name Node Metadata Backup
  • Cluster Upgrading
  • Sqoop
  • Flume
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • HBase
  • Oozie
  • Managing Jobs
  • The FIFO Scheduler
  • The Fair Schedule
  • How to stop and start jobs running on the cluster
  • General System conditions to Monitor
  • Name Node and Job Tracker Web Uis
  • View and Manage Hadoop’s Log files
  • Ganglia Monitoring Tool
  • Common cluster issues and their resolutions
  • Benchmark your cluster’s performance
  • How to use Sqoop to import data from RDBMSs to HDFS
  • How to gather logs from multiple systems using Flume
  • Features of Hive, Hbase and Pig
  • How to populate HDFS from external Sources



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