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Ajax operates user interaction with a web page on web applications to perform efficiently.

Ajax is used to make easy code instead of using long written code. It is interlinked with many technologies such as DOM, XML, HTML/XHTML, CSS, XML HTTP Request.

We, at Vikapri Training, provide the best Ajax Training in Chennai, where candidates can learn Ajax basics, Classic web applications Architecture, Java Ajax, JSON Ajax, Ajax Engine Creation and Methods of Ajax engine.

Lessons 1: Ajax Course Syllabus :

  • Introduction to Ajax
  • Overview of Ajax
  • What can be achieved by Ajax
  • Why is Ajax used
  • jQuery vs Ajax
  • Synchronous Communication
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Introduction to Ajax
  • Classic web applications Architecture
  • Ajax based web applications architecture
  • AJAX Example
  • AJAX with Database
  • Email Finder
  • Comment Form
  • Search Example
  • Properties of Ajax engine
  • readyState
  • onreadystatechange
  • status
  • responseText
  • responsseXML
  • open(-,-,-)
  • Send()/send(String)
  • setRequestHeader(-,-)
  • Ajax application flow



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