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Hibernate is free software and allows users to implement it in open sources as well as commercial projects. It is widely used in mapping databases.

Also, allow developers to build applications that run on any Operating system. That is why many developers prefer Hibernate for its platform-independent nature.

We, at Vikapri Training, provide the best Java Hibernate Training in Chennai, where candidates can learn Introduction to O-R Mapping, Hibernate Basics, Architecture, Configurations, POJO (Plain Old Java Classes) classes and O/R Mapping, etc.,

Lessons 1: Hibernate Course Syllabus

  • Object Persistence
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Persistent Classes
  • Persistent Classes
  • Components
  • Associations
  • Other Associations
  • Value Type Collections
  • Inheritance
  • Transitive Persistence
  • Custom Mapping
  • Criteria
  • Transactions and Concurrency
  • Fetching Strategies
  • Cache
  • Annotations
  • Organization Structure, Overview
  • Defining Items, Overview
  • Item Attributes and Statuses, Overview
  • Assigning Items to Organizations, Overview
  • Defining Units of Measure
  • Explaining Item Attributes and Statuses
  • Defining the Item Master Organization
  • Defining Items
  • Defining Item Deletion Constraints
  • Setting up Item Profile Options
  • Understanding Implementation Considerations
  • Explaining Subinventories
  • Explaining Locator Control
  • Explaining Revision Control
  • Explaining Lot Control
  • Explaining Serial Control
  • Defining Subinventories
  • Defining Locator Control
  • Defining Revision Control
  • Defining Lot Control
  • Generating Serial Numbers
  • Explaining Transaction Flows
  • Explaining Transaction Types
  • Explaining Move Orders
  • Explaining Shortage Alerts and Notifications
  • Explaining Mobile Transactions
  • Setting Up Transaction Managers, Transaction Types, and Transaction Reasons
  • Setting up Shipping Networks
  • Setting Up Movement Statistics
  • Setting Up Account Aliases
  • Setting Up Move Orders
  • Setting Up Alerts Notifications and Reports
  • Setting Up Profile Options
  • Defining the Transaction Flows
  • Defining Transaction Options and Restrictions
  • Performing Transactions
  • Managing Receipts
  • Explaining Receiving Reports
  • Creating Move Orders
  • Performing Transactions Using a Mobile Device
  • Managing Shipments
  • Understanding Oracle Inventory Forecasting Methods
  • Understanding Oracle Inventory Replenishment Methods
  • Explaining the use of Mobile Devices for Inventory Replenishment
  • Replenishing Inventory, Fundamentals
  • Forecasting Demand
  • Performing Reorder-point Planning
  • Performing Min-max Planning
  • Performing Replenishment Counting
  • Generating Kanban Cards
  • Setting up Available to Promise
  • Setting up Inventory Profile Values
  • Inventory Accuracy, Concepts
  • Explaining Inventory Accuracy
  • Explaining ABC Analysis
  • Explaining Cycle Counting
  • Explaining Physical Inventory
  • Explaining the use of Mobile Devices for Inventory Accuracy
  • Inventory Accuracy, Fundamentals



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