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This course enables developers to build enterprise-level Java applications using Struts Framework. Aspirants can learn Struts architecture and bring about mappings, form beans, input authentication, and custom tags of HTML forms.

Struts 2 frameworks are used to eliminate complexity in application development. One of the biggest advantages, it leverages JAR package plugins.

Knowledge of Java Struts is very much needed in the industry. Hence the Certification in Java Struts helps your career growth.

We provide the best Java Struts Training in Chennai with one-on-one training sessions on topics including Struts2 MVC Architecture, Web Framework, Action Classes, Handling Application Requests and Deployment Descriptors.

Lessons 1: Advanced Technologies – Frameworks

  • What is Advanced Java
  • Why learn Advanced Java
  • Scope of Advanced Java
  • Merits and Demerits of learning Advanced Java
  • Quick Brush-up of Core Java
  • What are Java Frameworks
  • Why use Java Frameworks
  • CallableStatement
  • ResultSet
  • ResultSet Meta-Data
  • Database Meta-Data
  • Transactions in JDBC
  • Connected & Disconnected Architecture(JDBCRowset, CachedRowSet)
  • What is a Web Framework
  • Limitations of JSP/Servlet Coding
  • MVC1 v/s MVC2
  • What is Struts
  • Invasive v/s Noninvasive Frameworks
  • Modules in Struts 2
  • Request Processing Lifecycle
  • Struts1 v/s Struts2
  • Advantages of Struts2
  • Actions Component
  • Results & Result Types
  • The Value Stack
  • Introduction to Action Class
  • Characteristics Of Action Class
  • Action Support Class
  • Action Interface
  • Handling Form Data
  • Struts2 Form
  • JavaBean Class – Atom
  • Success Page
  • Configuring Struts2
  • The web.xml file
  • The struts.xml file
  • The struts-config.xml file
  • The struts.properties file



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