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Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is a complete ERP System that controls whole organizational functions. It includes HR, Finance and Accounting, Production, Warehousing, Trade & Logistics, Master Planning and CRM.

Dynamics NAV deals with automating the connection of Operations Accounting, Sales, Stock and Purchasing Management to perform noble results and growth of a Business.

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Lessons 1: Microsoft Dynamics Navision Technical Course Content - Installation & Configuration

  • Installing Navision Database
  • Backup & Restore
  • SQL Server Option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Basic Tables
  • Introduction to C/AL Programming
  • Identifiers & Variables
  • Simple Expressions, Terms and Operators
  • Logical & Relational Expressions
  • Compound Statements & Comments
  • Repetitive Statements
  • Functions
  • Creating your own Functions
  • Dataports
  • Menu suites
  • Using C/FRONT
  • Implementation Methodology
  • Basic Forms
  • Intrinsic Data Types
  • Assignment Statement
  • Numeric Expressions
  • The IF & EXIT Statements
  • Arrays
  • Other Statements
  • Using Intrinsic C/AL Functions
  • Reports
  • Code units
  • Using ODBC
  • Automation Server
  • Business Case Diagnosis & Analysis
  • Managing Registrations
  • Managing Integration
  • Managing Statistics
  • Managing Interfaces
  • Managing Master Files
  • Managing Posting
  • Managing Reporting
  • Managing Dimensions



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