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SAP BASIS( Business Application Software Integrated Solution) is a set of tools and programs to manage the SAP environment in day-to-day programs. It performs as a network with a Database, Communication protocols, Operating system, and other SAP modules like FI, HCM, and SD.

In other words, BASIS is an Operating System for SAP & ABAP.

We provide the best SAP BASIS Training In Chennai, which you become well-acquainted with on Installing and Configuring, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Tuning, and Database Management.

SAP BASIS ensures that your systems operate smoothly, improve system performance, and improve end-user experience. Its activities include Evaluating Workload Statistics, Monitoring Operating Systems regularly, Inspects System Logs, Installing Data and Application servers, and Cost Reduction.

Lessons 1: SAP R/3 Architecture - System Landscape And Flow

  • Naming Convention
  • Software Kit
  • SAP Licensing
  • Installation Procedure - Windows Application Server for UNIX SAP System R/3 Directory Structure, Kernel
  • Optimization & Security
  • Manual Switching of OP Modes
  • Creating and Maintaining Master Records, Architecture
  • Creating and Maintaining Single and Mass Users and User Groups
  • Copying, Deleting, Locking/Unlocking Users
  • Explanation of Terms Object Class, Authorization Object, Authorization, Profile
  • Create/Maintaining Authorization/Profile Manually
  • Client Administration Client Maintenance (Local & Remote)
  • Export/Import
  • Protecting Client
  • Monitoring and Verifying a Client Copy, Deleting Client
  • TMS Terminology and Concepts
  • Creating Consolidation and Delivery Routes
  • Maintaining SAP Systems without Common
  • Transport Directory
  • Configuring External Systems
  • Locking and Unlocking TMS for a SAP System
  • Deleting SAP System from the Transport Domain
  • Deleting TMS Configuration
  • Releasing and Transporting Change Request and Tasks
  • Importing Change Requests
  • Releasing and Transporting Change Request and Tasks
  • Importing Change Requests
  • Print related Terminology in OS/SAP Level
  • Logical and Real Spool Server
  • Setting Local, Remote and Front-End Printing
  • Checking the Patch, Spam, Kernel Levels
  • Applying at OS Level, SAPNET, Front-End
  • Troubleshooting Various Issues
  • CCMS & Alert Monitors
  • Analyzing Alerts and Performance Tuning
  • Various string operations and commands
  • Background Dialogs Concept
  • Creating Regular Instance
  • Creating Logon Groups for Load Balancing
  • How to Use for Different Purposes
  • Manually Applying OSS note on SAP Standard Program
  • Creating Route Permission Table
  • Using Various Administrative Options
  • Introduction to Oracle
  • Oracle Architecture
  • Introduction to SAP DBA
  • OS, H/W Performance Considerations
  • Memory, Management
  • BW Architecture
  • Defining and Assigning Logical Systems
  • Workbench Administration



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