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Business Intelligence(BI) is analyzing and reporting data originating from different composite data sources. This process includes Data reporting, Visualization and Sharing. Business Information Warehouse(BW) is Merging and Drafting all the data collected from all sources.

The collected data get scanned, accumulated, transformed, applied and organized as reports, tables, and charts for businesses to make better decisions.

We provide the best SAP Business Intelligence Training In Chennai in which you get well-acquainted knowledge in DSO, Extraction, Transformation, Data-flow, Broadcasting, OLAP and Web Application Design.

SAP Business Intelligence(BI) and Business Warehouse(BW) increase proficiency in Data Discovery, Visualization, Reporting, Business Intelligence Planning, and Dashboard.

Lessons 1: BI Overview

  • Data warehousing / BW / BI Introduction
  • InfoObjects: Definition & Types
  • Design: Star schema concepts
  • InfoSets
  • Infocube
  • InfoCubes: Definition & Types (Standard, Real time, Remote)
  • DataStore objects (DSO) & Types – Standard & Real time
  • MultiProviders creation
  • BI Definition
  • SAP source systems & Creating data source for file source systems
  • Check process chain runs
  • Monitor for extraction and data transfer
  • Create the first aggregate for an InfoCube
  • The BIA Index Maintenance Wizard
  • Standard & Analysis authorizations
  • Move objects from one system to another
  • Create and design new queries
  • Component Properties
  • BW server functions
  • Functions, Settings & Stylesheets
  • Design: Layout of templates, working with library
  • Web items and attributes
  • BEx Analyzer
  • BEx Web Application Designer
  • BEx Report Designer
  • Opportunities
  • Broadcaster functions: Precalculating and Exporting into Enterprise Portal
  • OLAP v OLTP: Concepts and differences
  • OLAP Functions and SEM-BPS: Planning Overview
  • BPS component architecture
  • Planning Models
  • Characteristic relationships, Variables
  • Data load performance
  • BW Statistics: Tools and Tables
  • Effective query design
  • Compression and Partitioning
  • Data model for performance



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