SAP Environmental Health and Safety

Learn functionalities of tracking and managing regulatory compliance, risk assessment, incident management and sustainability initiatives.

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SAP EHS Module Overview

SAP Environmental Health and Safety (SAP EHS) is a module that manages Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Dangerous Goods Management, Waste Management, Occupational Health and Product Safety.

Safety and Maintenance are mandatory for the overall organization. SAP EHS keeps track of safe work culture, mitigation of the environment, permitting & compliance management, emissions management, chemical approval, and management of change.

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Advantages of EHS

  1. Learning SAP EHS opens doors to diverse industries seeking professionals to ensure environmental compliance, workplace safety, and sustainability, offering abundant job opportunities and career stability.
  2. SAP EHS training equips you with expertise in managing environmental, health, and safety processes, making you a valuable asset to organizations and enabling you to command competitive salaries and attractive compensation packages.
  3. With SAP EHS knowledge, you can pursue roles as EHS consultants, coordinators, analysts, or compliance managers, enjoying ample career growth prospects in sectors such as manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and logistics on a global scale.


Introduction to EHS Overview

Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Dangerous Goods Management

Waste Management

Occupational Health

Product Safety

Master SAP EHS for a Successful Career in Environmental Compliance, Workplace Safety, and Sustainability.