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SAP Enterprise Portal(EP) offers access to all the information and data collected from various sources.

SAP EP offers tools to manage information from multiple sources. It helps the organization with a large number of users who need access to many applications and services.

Benefits of SAP EP include access, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness, adoption, reduction in the cost of system development and system support, and act as an intuitive tool.

We provide the best SAP Enterprise Portal Training In Chennai, in which you get in-depth knowledge in this module to meet the requirements of your project and organization.

Lessons 1: SAP Enterprise Portal

  • SAP Portal Fundamentals
  • SAP Fundamentals and Navigation
  • SAP NetWeaver Overview
  • SAP ECC and my SAP Business Suits Overview
  • Systems Landscape
  • Application Architecture
  • SAP Backend Technologies
  • SAP Web AS Fundamentals
  • Navigation
  • SAP System Architecture
  • Enterprise Services Architecture
  • SAP NetWeaver, Overview
  • SAP Web AS ABAP Administration
  • Starting and Stopping SAP systems
  • Configuring SAP Web AS ABAP
  • User Management in SAP Web AS ABAP
  • Configuring Remote Connections
  • Patching SAP Web AS ABAP
  • Scheduling Background Jobs
  • Monitoring SAP Systems
  • Technology Components for Browser-based User Interfaces
  • Java Basics (non-programming topics)
  • Starting and Stopping SAP Web AS Java
  • Configuring SAP Web AS Java
  • User Management in SAP Web AS Java
  • Patching SAP Web AS Java
  • Software Logistics for SAP Web AS Java
  • Monitoring SAP Web AS Java
  • The Big Picture
  • The End-User’s Perspective
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Portal Platform Content
  • Security Aspects
  • User Administration and Authentication
  • Portal Authorization Concept
  • Single Sign-On to Backend Systems
  • Integrating SAP Applications
  • Solution Management
  • Secure System Management
  • Design Modifications and Branding
  • Advanced Portal Scenarios
  • Installation
  • Sizing
  • Implementation and Methodology
  • Personalization
  • Internationalization
  • JSP
  • Portal Services
  • Web Servicess



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