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SAP PS (Project System) deals with the Project Lifecycle from the idea of the project, planning, creation, preparation, implementation and completion.

The functions of SAP PS are Project Structure, Time Schedule, Cost and Revenue Planning, Budgeting, Product Process Analysis, and Reporting.It can integrate with other SAP Modules PP, PM, QM, FICO, MM, SD and HR

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Lessons 1: Structures And Master Data

  • Project Definition
  • Customizing Project Profile
  • WBS Structure
  • Networks & Activities
  • PS Texts & Documents
  • Project Builder Project Planning Board
  • Statuses
  • Simulations & Versions
  • Date Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Material Planning
  • Cost Planning
  • Revenue Planning
  • Original Budget
  • Budget Release
  • Budget Supplement
  • Budget Return
  • Budget Carry Forward
  • Availability Control
  • Actual Dates
  • Confirmations
  • External Procurement of Services
  • Material Procurement
  • Billing
  • Project Progress
  • Project Settlement
  • Profitability & Result Analysis
  • Structural Reports
  • Financial Reports



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