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SAP S/4 HANA ABAP is an ERP Solution. It runs on database architecture.

This module contains Introducing the development environment, ABAP Development Tools (ADT), SQL Basics for ABAP ON HANA, SAP HANA- OOPS ABAP concepts, Taking ABAP to SAP HANA, ABAP Core Data services and annotations, SAP HANA specific Code-to-Data, Consuming HANA Views in ABAP, Consuming HANA Procedures in ABAP, ABAP Managed Database Procedures in ABAP HANA, Database Independent Code-to-Data and SAP HANA Proxy Objects.

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Lessons 1: Introducing the development environment

  • Introduction to SAP HANA and SAP HANA Studio
  • Understand the impact of SAP HANA on ABAP application development
  • Introduction to ABAP Development Tools (ABAP in Eclipse)
  • Advanced Techniques for ABAP Programming for SAPHANA
  • ABAP and ABAP Project in eclipse
  • Installation of ABAP Development tools
  • ADT in Development System
  • Basic Concepts of SQL
  • Fetching Data from Tables / Views
  • Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
  • Modification of Data from Tables
  • Data Storage techniques
  • Accessing Data using Views
  • Visibility (public/protected/private)
  • Static instance/variables, constants
  • Static /instance methods, method parameters
  • Inheritance
  • Interface, interface methods
  • SAP HANA as Secondary Database– Access via Open SQL
  • Preparing ABAP Code for SAP HANA
  • Code push down
  • Enhanced ABAP Development with Core Data Services (CDS)
  • CDS Views created inner join to display the data
  • Associations in Core Data Services
  • Core Data Services with Input Parameters
  • ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC)
  • Native SQL Syntax
  • ABAP Report with new data declaration syntaxes on 7.40
  • ABAP Report on HANA using ADBC
  • Working with Views in SAP HANA Studio
  • Consuming Attribute View using External View
  • Consuming Attribute View using Native SQL
  • Consuming Analytic View/Calculation View in ABAP
  • ABAP connectivity and integration
  • Working with Database Procedures in SAP HANA Studio
  • Integrating Native Procedures with ABAP
  • Consuming HANA artifact Stored Procedure using ABAP Proxy Procedure
  • Consume HANA artifact Stored Procedure by Calling it in ABAP Code
  • Top-down and Bottom-up Approach
  • ABAP-Managed Database Procedures
  • AMDP Methods in CDS Views
  • Creating, using and debugging ABAP Managed Database Procedures
  • Debugging ABAP-Managed Database Procedures with select-options & parameters display ALV report
  • AMDP with select options
  • Classical Open SQL and Its Limitations
  • New Open SQL
  • Improve Open SQL Statements Using the SQL Trace (ST05)
  • Calling SAP HANA Procedures via ABAP Database Procedure Proxies



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