SAP Transport Management Training

Monitor transportation activities, including shipment scheduling, carrier selection, route optimization, freight cost calculation and tracking of shipments.

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SAP TM Module Overview

SAP TM (Transportation Management) deals with the Operation Process of Transportation within the Organization. It monitors and manages the shipper and logistics environment.

SAP TM integrates with other SAP Modules such as FICO, MM, WM, and SD. SAP TM increases returns on the cost of transportation, increases visibility in transport management by emphasizing freight and logistics, and performs effective transportation planning by accurate data of demand and shipping volumes.

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Advantages of SAP TM

  1. Learning SAP TM (Transportation Management) opens up a world of opportunities in the logistics and supply chain industry, with a high demand for professionals skilled in optimizing transportation operations.
  2. The specialized skills required in SAP TM, such as transportation planning, optimization and execution, command attractive salary packages due to their critical role in improving efficiency and reducing costs in transportation management.
  3. SAP TM training paves the way for diverse job roles, including transportation planners, logistics analysts, supply chain consultants and warehouse managers, offering ample career growth potential in various industries and organizations globally.


Introduction To Network Master Data

Overview Of Supported Business Scenarios

Overview Of Transportation Planning

Examination Of Transpiration Execution

Introduction To Freight Settlement

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