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VMware enables Resource Management by performing multiple application operating system runs on a single server.

It facilitates Networking, App Modernization, Multi-Cloud, Security, and Telco Cloud.

We provide the best VMware Training In Chennai in which you can learn Virtual Machine, ESXi and VSphere, VCenter Server, Troubleshooting and the rest.

Lessons 1: History , Justifications & Key Benefits And Features

  • History of VMware and Founder details
  • Front end & Back end Architecture history
  • Why companies building Virtualized Infrastructure
  • What is VMware Virtualization
  • VMware Key Benefits to the Business
  • What is key differences between VMware and other Virtualized technologies
  • Overview of Virtual Machine
  • Overview of VM Shared Storage
  • Overview of vCenter Integrated features
  • Overview of ESXi compatible Hardware
  • Overview of VM Networking
  • Overview of vSphere installation and Setup Process
  • Options for Installing ESXi (Interactive, Auto Deploy, Script based & CLI)
  • System Requirements (H/w & S/w)
  • ESXi 4.x & 5.x Installation SOP’s
  • ESXi Auto Configuration
  • Managing ESXi Host Remotely after install
  • ESXi Direct Console interface shortcuts
  • Preparing vCenter server Database
  • Before Install vCenter Server (H/w & S/w prerequisites)
  • After Installed vCenter server.
  • Installing vCenter Server along with SSO (NA in VCP 550)
  • vSphere Integrated features
  • Data Center
  • Remove & Delete Operations (VC,DC,Cluster,Host& VM)
  • Managing vCenter Inventory
  • Cluster
  • Tasks and Alarams
  • What is Virtual machine
  • vCenter VM Operations (Snapshot,Clone,FT,Template& Power Management)
  • Types of VM Deployments
  • Virtual machine management operations (Edit Settings)
  • Difference between physical and virtual networking
  • Types of Port Groups
  • Setting up networking on Standard Switches
  • Introduction of vSwitches and Benefits of vSwitches
  • Types of Network Security Policies
  • Setting up networking on Distributed Switches
  • Overview of multiple storages (FC, iSCSI & NAS)
  • Storage Recommendations for SAN & NAS
  • How to Add Storage at Host & VM Level
  • What is Dead LUN’s
  • What is the Shared Storage and background process
  • How to provision LUN & Mount Point
  • Storage Decommission Process. (Detach & Delete)
  • Storage Clean UP Activities.
  • What is vMotion&SVmotion
  • What is HA Cluster and recommended configurations
  • HA & DRS Conditions
  • Cluster re-configurations.
  • Overview of Cluster
  • What is DRS Cluster and recommended configurations.
  • Difference between HA &VMotion
  • Upgrading ESXi Host from ESXi 5.1 to ESXi 5.5
  • VM Upgradation (Hardware & Tools)
  • How to upgrade datatores
  • Overview of Conversion Tools
  • P2V Conversion Process
  • VMware Standalone Converter
  • V2V Conversion Process
  • Overview of Update Manager
  • Validation and Remediation
  • What is Baseline
  • ESXi Patching through Command line.
  • Overview of All Hypervisors
  • Max Configurations
  • Feature Differences
  • Difference between ESX &ESXi
  • vCenter different access levels
  • Defining L1 ,L2 & L3 level of access
  • How to integrate ESXi with Active directory
  • VM Creation
  • P2V Process
  • Update Manager Process.
  • VMotion Process
  • HA & DRS Process
  • VCheck Script
  • RVTools
  • Troubleshooting’s on VM
  • Troubleshooting’s on vCenter
  • Troubleshooting’s on Storage.
  • Troubleshooting’s on ESXi
  • Troubleshooting’s on Networking
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • Risks Identifications & Recommendations (Avoid Downtimes)
  • Skill set Level discussion (L1, L2 & L3)
  • Day to Day VM ,Host &vCenter Jobs
  • SOP Documents
  • VCP 510 & VCP 550 DUMPS discussion for Certification.



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