Cloud Computing Course

Gain expertise in designing, deploying, and managing scalable and secure cloud solutions for diverse industry applications, the future of technology with Cloud Computing course.

Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

  • AWS Cloud Computing is a comprehensive solution that delivers cloud technology services on servers, databases, software, etc.
  • AWS Cloud Computing Training consists of Linux Fundamentals, Boot and Package Management, User Administration, Run levels, Overview of the Service Protocols, AWS Sysops Administrator Certification, Cloud Computing, AWS Platform, EC2 Instance, Load Balancing, Auto-scaling, EBS (Elastic Block Storage), Storage in Cloud, CloudFront, Route53, and Identity Access Management (IAM).
  • Also, learn AWS Security Management, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Relational Database Service (RDS), DynamoDB, Management Tools, Application Services, AWS Troubleshooting, and AWS Architecture and Design.
  • We offer the best AWS Cloud Computing Training in Chennai with placement support. Get certified in 45 days. Learn on your flexible timings also, one-on-one training sessions both online and classroom are avail.

Prerequisites to learn Cloud Computing

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Scienc

e or Related Field
Candidate with experience in system administration & IT support

Proficiency in programming languages

Basic understanding of networking fundamentals

Benefits of Cloud Computing Course

  • Cloud Computing is an in-demand skill in many industries. Employers need professionals who can create, set up, and manage cloud infrastructure, opening up many job options.
  • These skills can be used in various fields, allowing you to deploy and manage cloud solutions and making you employable in different roles.
  • When you learn to save resources, lower costs, and make better use of cloud solutions, you become valuable to organizations looking to organize.
  • As Cloud technology evolves rapidly, it requires continuous learning opportunities to stay in the dynamic tech landscape for long-term career growth.

We offer

After completing the Cloud Computing training course successfully, one can

  • Acquire hands-on experience managing cloud resources such as virtual machines, storage, and networking components.
  • Implement cost-effective strategies to optimize resource usage and minimize costs in cloud environments.
  • Develop skills to protect data, applications, and infrastructure by implementing security measures.
  • Master automation techniques using cloud-native tools, scripting, and infrastructure as code practices.
  • Identify and resolve issues in cloud environments through troubleshooting skills to ensure smooth operation.
  • Manage cloud data such as storage solutions, databases, and data analytics services efficiently.
  • Manage cloud data such as storage solutions, databases, and data analytics services efficiently.
  • Collaborate effectively in distributed teams using cloud-based collaboration tools and CI/CD pipelines.



Cloud computing classes teach essential skills to manage and optimize cloud-based systems and services.

Vikapri Training offers cloud computing courses online, providing hands-on training for individuals seeking AWS-specific skills.

Online cloud computing courses offer flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and making it convenient for working professionals.

Master Cloud Computing course in 45 days.

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