DevOps Course

Learn to collaborate seamlessly towards creating efficient, automated solutions by upgrading skills to become an expert in DevOps.

DevOps Training in Chennai

  • DevOps is a blend of software development and operations. Learn to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS through this course.
  • Get in-depth knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle, Integration and deployment, Cloud Computing, LINUX Basic and Admin, Shell Scripting, Jenkins, Version Control-GIT, Build tool- Maven, Ansible, and Docker.
  • We provide the best DevOps Training in Chennai with one-on-one training sessions by Industry Experts. Progress your career with Certification in AWS DevOps.

Prerequisites to learn DevOps Course

A degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field

Basic knowledge of Operations processes, Programming languages, and Automation tools

Benefits of DevOps Course

  • The demand for skilled DevOps experts is high and growing across industries. DevOps practices are increasingly prioritized by organizations, making DevOps skills more employable.
  • DevOps will play a crucial role in shaping the future of IT operations, making it a strategic skill set for long-term career growth.
  • DevOps professionals have diverse career opportunities, allowing them to tailor career paths based on their interests and strengths within the broader DevOps domain.

We offer

After completing the DevOps Course training successfully, one can

  • Efficiently execute continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines.
  • Proficient in using popular DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Git, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Implement security best practices in the software development and deployment lifecycle.
  • Utilize version control systems to manage and track code modifications.
  • Implement strategies for effective collaboration and communication between development and operations teams.
  • Contribute to improving coding standards and best practices within the organization.



The DevOps Course covers DevOps principles, CI/CD pipelines, automation tools, and cloud platforms. The certification training provides a comprehensive understanding of becoming a proficient DevOps expert.

At Vikapri, we offer hands-on training, expert guidance, and real-world scenarios to enhance your skills as a DevOps professional.

Our online DevOps course allows you to learn at your own pace, access resources from anywhere, and enhance your practical skills through hands-on exercises.

The DevOps Engineer Course online equips professionals with advanced DevOps skills, covering complex aspects such as security, scalability, etc.

Agile your career with skills in DevOps

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