Selenium Course Training

Learn the Selenium automation testing course to create efficient and reliable test scripts, ensure software quality, and become proficient in automating web testing.

selenium automation course

Selenium Course Overview

  • Selenium Testing is an advanced form of Automation Testing that incorporates various concepts.
  • This powerful tool enables the use of different Programming Languages across multiple Platforms.
  • Selenium is an open-source automation testing suite that offers a user-friendly web interface.
  • It encompasses a suite of tools, including Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and Selenium WebDriver.
  • At Vikapri Training Center in Chennai, we offer comprehensive Selenium Testing Training for students interested in acquiring fundamental skills in Automation Testing. This course provides hands-on experience in Web application Automation Testing using Selenium.

Prerequisites to learn Selenium

Engineering / Graduates / Post Graduates / Candidate with coding & database knowledge

Test managers / Test leads / Test engineers / Test analysts / Software Developers

Benefits of Selenium Training

  • In the constantly changing tech industry, Selenium training guarantees job security in the long run. Skilled professionals are always in demand for software development, testing, and maintenance.
  • Selenium training presents several job opportunities, including roles like Software Tester, QA Analyst, Test Engineer, Test Automation Engineer, Performance Tester, and Quality Assurance Manager, all aimed at enhancing software quality and user experience.
  • Selenium proficiency can lead to competitive salaries, and specializing in areas like test automation or performance testing increases earning potential and offers desirable income as one progresses in one career.

We offer

After completing the automation software testing course successfully, one can:

  • Gain expertise in the syntax and language features of Selenium.
  • Master web testing and create automated test scripts.
  • Ensure compatibility across different browsers through cross-browser testing.
  • Learn advanced techniques to handle dynamic web elements.
  • Explore popular test frameworks like TestNG and JUnit.
  • Implement the Page Object Model (POM) for maintainable test code.
  • Integrate Selenium tests with Continuous Integration (CI) tools.
  • Dive into advanced Selenium techniques, including handling pop-ups and iframes.
  • Develop strategic test planning and reporting skills.
  • Use Selenium for performance testing and scalability assessment.
  • Understand principles of secure web testing and addressing vulnerabilities.



The course duration usually varies from 2-3 months, depending on the institute. Vikapri Training offers all courses in 45 days, which may vary depending on your flexible timings.

Selenium certification in automation testing training validates your expertise in Selenium testing and enhances your career prospects.

Yes. We provide comprehensive Selenium testing courses in Chennai to equip you with essential automation testing skills.

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