Grow Your Skills with SAP: Courses Tailored for Engineers and Professionals

Unique Features of SAP Courses

The SAP course focuses on enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. This course enhances essential skills in managing business processes, data analytics, and system integration. In-depth coverage of industry-specific modules, such as finance, logistics, and human resources, sets this SAP software apart from other technologies. Training on SAP courses offers individuals hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology by delving into real-world scenarios.

In addition, SAP certifications are recognized by employers globally, creating lucrative career opportunities. One can become proficient in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving business growth by mastering SAP core features.

Targeted Training for Engineers and Professionals

SAP S/4 HANA is perfect for professionals and engineers who want to improve their knowledge in both technical and business aspects. Selecting a career in SAP guarantees global recognition. Organizations across various industries value SAP certifications for their proven expertise and potential for career growth.

Technical Modules

Technical modules teach how to build and modify SAP software, mainly for IT experts.

  1. ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
  2. BASIS
  3. BI/BW (Business Intelligence/Business Warehouse)
  4. PI (Process Integration)
  5. HANA
  6. GRC/Security

Who can take this course?

  • Individuals with a computer science or IT background are encouraged to enroll in this course.
  • Software engineers and developers will find this course suitable for their needs.
  • This course is designed specifically for those seeking specialization in SAP technical roles.

Functional Modules

Functional modules show how to use SAP software to manage business tasks, suitable for business analysts and professionals.

  1. PP (Production Planning)
  2. MM (Materials Management)
  3. SD (Sales and Distribution)
  4. FI (Financial Accounting)
  5. CO (Controlling)
  6. EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)
  7. SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  8. EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety)
  9. HR/HCM (Human Resources/Human Capital Management)
  10. TM (Transport Management)
  11. PM (Plant Maintenance)
  12. QM (Quality Management)
  13. PS (Project System)

Who can take this course?

  • This course is intended for individuals working in business administration or related areas.
  • It is suitable for those related to finance, supply chain management, or business analysis.
  • The course is ideal for individuals with non-technical degrees.


Vikapri Training is one of the leading SAP course training providers in Chennai. Vikapri provides advanced-level training with a refined curriculum, practical training, hands-on experience, advanced lab facilities, expert trainers, and industry connections, making it an excellent choice for SAP aspirants.

Career Advancement Opportunities with SAP


As many companies adopt SAP Cloud, there is a growing demand for skilled SAP S/4 HANA professionals worldwide. Upgrade your knowledge to the latest version and position yourself for high-paying career opportunities in this rapidly evolving landscape.

SAP End User to Consultant

Progress from being an SAP end user to a consultant by transitioning into a role where you can guide others in SAP systems, thus becoming a key player in system optimization and business growth.

Techno-Functional Consultant

Combine technical and business skills to provide holistic solutions that bridge the gap between IT and business needs.

Team Upgrade – Corporate Training

Join company-wide training initiatives to ensure everyone stays updated, fostering a culture of learning and efficiency.

SAP training helps people, from beginners to experienced professionals, at any career stage. Being SAP-certified makes you a top choice for companies looking for experts in IT, project management, and business analysis. Contact us to get SAP Training in Chennai and experience more opportunities for career growth.

Leveraging Vikapri for SAP Education

Skilled SAP S/4HANA professionals are crucial for the future of industries. Vikapri Training Institute in Chennai nurtures this talent by equipping students with essential skills to tackle real-world challenges. As demand for SAP-driven solutions rises, Vikapri ensures learners are well-prepared for the evolving job market. For aspiring SAP professionals seeking comprehensive education and career advancement, Vikapri is the ideal choice. For aspiring SAP professionals seeking an SAP career, Vikapri is the best choice for comprehensive SAP S/4HANA training and career advancement.